The scenario starts with the visitors coming and ‘registering’, where all the visitors get an iPad. The iPad has an introduction video (proof of concept) showing how it works. The experience of the visitors should be a combination of a concert and an interactive element which is the iPad. The iPad will show information about the music being played.

After the introduction video, the concert will start and the visitor can press on the button, so that the iPad can listen to the music. After the iPad recognizes the music being played, it will show information about the artist/band. The visitor can scroll through the information (about, connections with other artist, visuals). After the music has been played, a small break will start, after which new music will start and the visitor will be able to let the iPad listen again. The visitors will stay seated for the entire concert, which is different from what has been stated previously.

There will also be an overview with visible connections between artists/bands. In this overview it is also possible to go to previous artists/bands.

The venue used for the concert/experience, will be the ‘blauwe zaal’ on the campus de Singel, which is part of the conservatorium of antwerp. This place has been chosen, because it feels like a normal concerthall and a lot of visitors can be attracted from within de Singel (students/teachers)