Even though the mid-fidelity is quite small and does not contain a lot of information, a few important remarks were made during the testing.

  • The first comment was made about the name. The name is not shown at any of the pages and some branding needs to be done, in order to contribute to the experience.
  • The second comment was about not having an introduction video. This will be largely the proof of concept video, but this does require an aditional screen. 
  • Another comment made, was about the sound recognition, because no page is shown with the details about the song and artist. If the iPad recognizes the song, there should be a pop-up showing the name of the song and artist, after which it will guide to the information page.
  • When a connection is clicked on a artist page, should guide to the other artist page of the connection. Only done when the page is unlocked.
  • There is no button to let the iPad listen to the music on the hompage (page with the connections)

The second version is an updated version compared to the first one. Only the branding has not been applied yet, but this will be done with the high-fidelity model.